Entangled Music
feat. Robert Landfermann & Jonas Burgwinkel

A new push towards entangled, multilayerd, chamber music trio performances. The voices of the three instruments are entwined, from the depth, from the height, layered, motivic, rhythmic, eruptive, and form a fabric, a texture of complementary elements, in which the result is more than the sum of its parts.



Frank Wingold Solosolo

The direct route into the ear.

This is a challenge that requires unparalleled technical and musical-compositional expertise, without gags and gimmicks, without any safety net or second bottom. Wingold was looking for this challenge, accepted it – a solo program of 15 own pieces, standards and improvisations – and passed it summa cum laude: a masterpiece, modern solo jazz guitar of Olympic format
Alexander Schmitz, Journalist and Author of  „Das Gitarrenbuch“, „Jazzgitarristen“, „Die Gitarre


duoMartina Gassmann – Frank Wingold

Intimate beauty and direct expression, Martina Gassmann’s stunning voice and Frank Wingold’s virtuosic and responsive accompaniment make this duo an immediate experience. more…



Quartett Villingen
Frank Wingold Clairvoyance

Frank Wingold’s quartet project. A warm, acoustic sound, with guitar-oriented compositions that are determined and mature – contemporary jazz, elegant, energetic and interactive.
November 2011 new CD `virtues & vices´ released more…




The way they combine composed material ranging from jazz to pop, ethnic and classical music with open and expressive improvisations makes this group one of the most active and well-known in the european jazz scene. more…





Winner of the Dutch Jazz Competition 2002. Extending the boundaries of the genre, the trio created very unique and dynamic music. more…




Alony – Leicht – Wingold

It is almost impossible to label Efrat Alony, a singer, song- writer, composer and bandleader under any one category: “Alony’s music isn’t quite jazz but something new and cutting edge – folk? Jazz? Electronica? avant-garde-Pop? This constant dance on the tightrope makes her shine and stand out from the mass of jazz singers. more…


Shraeng dives into the world of contemporary classical music for electric guitar. The duo mainly plays compositions specially composed for shraeng, i.e. by Moritz Eggert, Theodor Pauss, Karola Obermüller and Sandeep Bhagwati. more…

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