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1 Wildfang

2 Some Son Song
3 Virtues & Vices
4 Frail
5 Stalactite
6 Pie in the Sky
7 Sardonic Procession
8 Close Encouters of the blurred Kind
9 Mnemonic Rhyme


press review Clairvoyance (2005)                   press review virtues & vices (2011)

Clairvoyance means „brightside“ and stands for clarity, transparence, but also for the obvious secureness and freedom of communication between the bandmembers.

Frank Wingold’s new formation – after the free, electrified or chamber music projects in the past years, like agog or Underkarl – is now the deliberate up-to-date reversion of the up-to-all-dodges guitarist (honoured as „Best Solist“ at the European Jazz Contest in Brussels and the winner of the Dutch Jazz Competition) to an original Jazzbackground, which is of course laced with Wingold’s original point of view.
Every composition evokes its own distinctive atmosphere. The listener is transported closely to the band, he hears the music breathe in its developing process. A warm, accoustic sound, yet guitar and composition are more uncompromising and mature than ever before. – Up to date Jazz, elegant, energic and interactive.

With Niels Klein on the saxophones/clarinettes (winner of „Jazzart crossing borders“, NRW Förderpreis and Förderpreis of the city of Cologne 2005), Dietmar Fuhr on double bass (for almost two decated one of the most reknown and busiest bassists in the german Jazzscene.) and Jonas Burgwinkel (one of the most expressionist, aspiring drummers of the young generation.) Wingold got himself his dream cast to bring his musical vision to life.

The listener has his personal Clairvoyance – experience. It may be that this music will never release him again.
„Akustik Gitarre“ January 2006
This guitarist knows his intrument and its history to the core – as he does (almost) everything differently. Top!
„Gitarre und Bass“
An anourmous amount of creativity is released here, which also reflects his composition. They are throughout highly interesting and just as diversified as Frank’s expressionist, playful component.
Andreas Polte, Archtop Germany
His personal musical manner remains undistinguishable. You would almost like to name it „wingoldesque“.
„Jazzthetik“ March 2006
To stress it again, one of the most succeeded productions of a german ensemble in the last time!
„JazzPodium“ February 2006
`Vices & Virtues´ is never losing the attention of the recipient, so much exciting music of genuine class is rare.
Jazzpodium 12/2011
Wingolds compositions are little masterpieces, which sometimes – such as on the title track -develop a hypnotic attraction.
JazzThing 11/2011


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